Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad & Tobago

The Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago (ISTT) was established as a non-governmental organization in 1996 upon the amalgamation of the Land Survey Association, Quantity Surveyor's Society of Trinidad and Tobago and ProVal (the Association of the Valuation Surveyors). The Institute plays a pivotal role in providing the Minister with responsibility for Lands and Land Surveying advice on several types of nominees that enable the enactment of the Land Surveyors Act 33 of 1996 (Act).

The ISTT membership is comprised of professionals in the fields of Valuation Surveying, Quantity Surveying and Land Surveying. Land Surveying also includes the sub areas of hydrography, engineering, cadastral and land management, photogrammetry, cartography and geodesy.

The ISTT provides for the registration of Full Members, Associate Members, Student Members and Honourary Life Members who are engaged in the various levels in the profession of surveying within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It also serves as the main stakeholder representing local surveying professionals and provides training, dissemination of information to the public and advice to both surveyors and the public.

The institute is run by a Board of Directors, elected from its Full Members on an annual basis.


Derry Director
Ali Land
Leonard Quantity
Campbell Quantity
Raymond Valuation
Charles Land
Clerfond Valuation
Winchester Quantity
Bastaldo Valuation
Maharaj Assoc.
Adams Quantity
Maharaj Land
Hernandez Land
Augustus Valuation
Williams Land
Lawrence Valuation
Charles Director
Blaize Land
Griffith-Charles Land
Second Land
Murray Valuation
Welch Quantity
Hinkson Quantity
Langton Quantity
Gokool Land
Chang Kin Kee Land
Hamid Land
Newallo Valuation
Bally Valuation
Superville Quantity
Davis Land
Daly Valuation
de Gannes Valuation
Arjoonsingh Land
Heerah Land
Ramkoon Director
Ramsingh Quantity
Boisson Quantity
Ellis Quantity
Ramcharitar Land
Clarke Quantity
Burkett Land
Tiwary Quantity
Nancoo Valuation
Mohess Valuation
Kissoon Valuation
Huggins Valuation
Drakes Director
Brathwaite Valuation
Grant Land
Mohammed Land
Sookoor Land
Charles Quantity
Foster Quantity
Knott Valuation
Lawrence Valuation
Augustus Valuation
Khan Valuation
Callender Valuation
Knights Quantity
Dick Quantity
Jameson Quantity
Khan Land
Soopaya Valuation
Sant Land
Scott Land
Bowen Quantity
Hanomansingh Director
Sylvester Valuation
Marvin Lewis Assoc.
Scott Valuation
Felix Land
Lue Affat Valuation
Ramsaran Land
Prince-Assam Valuation
Jackson Land
Farrell Valuation
Agge Director
Seecharan Valuation
Chan Chow Land
Sutherland Land
Haldane Quantity
Samms Director
Bansraj Quantity
Smith Quantity
Joseph Quantity
Wiltshire Quantity
Murray Quantity
Mohammed Land
Narine Assoc.
Kochhar Valuation
Mookram Land
Westmaas Director
Ramsey Director
Thomas Quantity
Morris Quantity
Elder Land
Outridge Quantity
Jackson Director
Collymore Quantity
Adharsingh Assoc.
Dev Ramlall Land
Ramoutar Valuation
Ramdass Assoc.
Bhikarry Land
Cardinez Land
Heeralal Valuation
Ramos Director
Samaroo Quantity
Jeremie Land
Ali Land & Valuation
Rajaram Land
Ramdhanie Assoc.
Wyatt Quantity
Folkes Quantity
Rajan Land
Romany Valuation
Gajadhar Land
Darlington Valuation
Gumansingh Valuation
Pierre Valuation
Bickraj Land
Sookbir Land
Scott Assoc.
Addo Land
Skinner Quantity
Alfred Land
Sattaur Valuation
Quintal Assoc.
Toney Quantity
Kissoon Director
Balgobin Land
Reyes Assoc.
Affoo Director
Weekes Valuation
Ali Valuation
Rajpatty Quantity
Reemaul Land
Lalloo Director
Mahabir Valuation
Maharaj Land
Phriday Land
McLeod-Celestin Quantity
Koylass Land
Narine Valuation
Persad Land
Hall Quantity
Barrett Quantity
Balraj Land
Roopchan Quantity
Doyle Director
Hood Quantity
Ramlal Land
Garraway Howell Valuation
Persad Land
Bhola Land
Maharaj Land
Khan Assoc.
Andrews Assoc.
Williams Director
Cooke Land
Davis Director
de Sormeaux Land
Mahabir Land
Rishi Seetaram Land
Ragoopath Land
Maingot Assoc.
Dick Assoc.
Arjune Land
Laughlin Land
Lee Wen Land
Lewis Land
Mahabir Land
Moses Land
Amin Quantity
Austin Quantity
Harper Quantity
Chin Valuation
Ditzen Valuation
Williams Valuation
Ramroop-Ali Quantity
Jugmohan Assoc.
Deonanan Land
Lequay Quantity
Outridge Valuation
Hamilton Director
Cornwall Assoc.
Derrick Assoc.
Madapathage Don Assoc.
Clarke Assoc.
Alexander Student
Clarke Student
Ramroop Student
Lugo Student
Lewis Student
Mollineau Student
Murray Student
Nurse Student
Bandoo Student
Bernard Student
Douglas Student
Crichlow Student
Lewis Student
Bowles Student
Samaroo Student
Doughlin Student
Maharaj Student
Ramnath Student
Dookree Student
Moses Student
Dowlath Student
Drakes Student
Louis Student
Quashie Student
Mc Lean-Walker Student
Narine Student
Fortune Student
Chandler Student
Tuckett Student
Blaize Student
Rooks Student
Estwick Student
Hanley Student
Ng Fong Student
Rojas Student
Gamble Student
Byron Student
Williams Student
Ranga Student
Tannis Student
Moore Student
Cooper Student
Chin Hong Student
Archibald Land
Alexander Land
Ramdeen Land
Maharaj Land
Charles-Ragoo Valuation
John Land
Baboolal-Heeralal Quantity
Joseph Land
James Valuation
Abrams Assoc.
Gumansingh Assoc.
Daniel Quantity
Ramroop Assoc.
Hodge Assoc.
Charran Assoc.
Fortune Rollock Land
Murchison Land