Land Surveyor

Membership Number Name Contact Member Type Membership Affiliations
Ainsley Charles Land Surveyor
Amarnath Chinchamee 642-8888 Ext 26120(W) 662-8111 (H); 497-6707 Land Surveyor
Andre Felix 751-5719 Land Surveyor
Anwar Ali Land Surveyor
Barry Hernandez 221-7202 (H); 685-8637 Land Surveyor
Bhaghirathi Maharaj 663-8412 (H); 681-2671 Land Surveyor
190 Bheshem Ramlal 662 2002 Ext 82108 (W) 735 4235 Land Surveyor
Burton Williams 638-3865 (W); 638-2981 (F); 680-9952 (C) Land Surveyor
Charisse Griffith-Charles 682-8730 (C) Land Surveyor
Charles Second 624-0811 (W); 626-3896 (F) 381-6937 / 780-5721 Land Surveyor
Cheryl-Ann Elder 624-1568 (W); 657-2119 (H) 788-2115 Land Surveyor
Christian Persad 776-1699 Land Surveyor
Chrystal Davis cell - 6866034 Land Surveyor
Colvin Blaize 781-1076 Land Surveyor
Curtis Gokool 681-0391 Land Surveyor
Dale Chang Kin Kee 312-5001 Land Surveyor
Darren Hamid 627-9201 (W) 686-0397 (C); 624-5982 (F) Land Surveyor
Derek Arjoonsingh 735-7159 (C); 656-2083 (H) Land Surveyor
Dexter Heerah 665-9504 (H); 682-8946 (C) Land Surveyor
Fariyal Khan Land Surveyor
Fitzherbert Reyes 624-1517 (W); 642-1230 (H) 680-8967 Land Surveyor
Ganeshdath Ramcharitar 671-4030 (W); 640-5954 (H); 620-6008 (C) Land Surveyor
Geoffrey Long Land Surveyor
Gerard Buchun 767-3553 (C); 693-2443 (H) 623-4663 Ext 5510 (W) Land Surveyor
Gillian Burkett 766-6018 (C); 638-2431 (H) 359-3125 - cell Land Surveyor
Ian Grant Land Surveyor
Iqbal Mohammed 672-4076 (H); 763-8050 Land Surveyor
Jamal Sookoor 649-5500 (W); 647-4277 (H); 701-6936 (C) Land Surveyor
Kamal Sant 662-4109 (W); 685-3747 (C) Land Surveyor
Kapil Dev Ramlall 689-8969/ 302-6032 Land Surveyor
Keith Scott 788-6538 Land Surveyor
Kishore Persad 673 1831 (home) 317 1023 (cell) Land Surveyor
Lenny Hanomansingh 652-1314 (W); 620-4777 (C) Land Surveyor
Marcus Jackson 488-2248 Land Surveyor
Martika Mapp 396-0197 Land Surveyor
Michael Chan Chow 681-9403 Land Surveyor
Michael Sutherland 662-2002 Ext 82564 (W) 662-2002 Ext 2566 (F) 473-5541 (C) Land Surveyor
Naieem Mohammed 480-8114 Land Surveyor
Nicholas Mookram Land Surveyor
Nicholas Westmaas 627-9201/4 (W); 357-3520 (cell) 688-9602 Land Surveyor
Paula Drakes 1-868-756-8830 (C) Land Surveyor
Pritam Kumarsingh 646-1833 (H); 735-2961 (C) Land Surveyor
Rawle Derrick 678-8363 Land Surveyor
Reshma Bhola 702 9575 Land Surveyor
Reynold Bhikarry 653-1886 (H); 754-9276 Land Surveyor
Richelle Jeremie 776-3658 Land Surveyor
Rikki Rajaram Land Surveyor
217 Rishi Seetaram Land Surveyor
Roger Rajan 678-6763 Land Surveyor
Ron Gajadhar 680-7041 Land Surveyor
Rondell Cardinez 680-9331 (C) Land Surveyor
Ronnie Kantasingh Land Surveyor
Rudranath K Maharaj 784 2825 Land Surveyor TTLS
Sarita Ramdhanie Land Surveyor
Sasha Addo 620-6655 Land Surveyor
Seymore Alfred 639-4845 (W); 639-6140 (F) 778-1222 Land Surveyor
Shane Bickraj 290-0912 cell Land Surveyor
Shane Wilson 785-5661 Land Surveyor
Shervon G. Phriday 644-2497(H)/799-5825 Land Surveyor
Shivanand Balgobin 753-7764 Land Surveyor
Shri Maharaj 752-8856 (C); 652-5091 (H); 653-7753 (F) Land Surveyor
Sudesh Botha 626-5153 Ext. 248 (W) 374-8145 (C); 636-4241 (H) Land Surveyor
Sugjage Reemaul 624-1568 (W); 638-7983 (H) 483-2649 (C) Land Surveyor
Suresh Sookbir 723-3369 Land Surveyor
Vishal Balraj 794-6669 Land Surveyor
Winston Doyle 681-9684 Land Surveyor
Winston Ramcharan 678-9409 (C); 667-0794 (H) Land Surveyor

Land Surveying in Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago, land surveying" means any process of determining, mapping or planning the position of or locating a point, a parcel of land, a body of water, or a structure, in relation to survey marks or any other structure whether manmade or natural or determining, mapping or planning the dimensions or form of a parcel of land or body of water.

Land Surveyors carry out a multitude of surveys as part of the land development process. Surveying encompasses the specialized fields of hydrography, engineer surveying, cadastral and land management, photogrammetry, geodesy or cartography.

Development is defined in the Town and Country Planning Act as the act of sub-division of land. All legal transfer of land title requires that a sketch or plan accompany the registered document or instrument of the transfer. The cadastral plan provides a unique description of the subject of the transfer and identifies any physical encumbrance or hinderance that may affect the use of the land. Cadastral plans must be signed by a duly authorized officer called a Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyor or historically called a Licensed Surveyor, and must be registered with the Director of Surveys.

The Cadastral Surveying

A cadastral Survey is the definition of land boundaries for the purposes of ownership or transfer of ownership of land. ('cadastral surveying" means determining the form, contour, position, area, shape, height, depth or nature of any part of the earth or of any natural or artificial features, and the position, length, and direction of bounding lines on, below or above any part of the earth for the purposes of making legal plans defining boundaries and registering land or documents with appropriate authorities. This type of survey can only be executed by a TTLS. In commissioning a cadastral survey care should be taken to ensure that you are dealing with a person registered as a TTLS.

Engineering Surveying

An Engineering Surveyor is the professional who practices in the fields of Data Collection and Setting-Out. The Draft Land Surveyors Code of Best Practice (2000), provides the guidelines for the conduct of engineer (Click here). Engineering surveys cover a wide cross-section of infrastructure projects in the built environment such as roads, buildings and drainage infrastructure.

Hydrographic Surveying

Hydrographic data is important for coastal zone management, environmental monitoring, resource development (including hydrocarbon and mineral exploitation), legal and jurisdictional issues, ocean and meteorological modelling, engineering and construction planning, intercoastal tidal and many other uses. Hydrographic surveys provide mapping of coastlines and waterways to ensure safe passage/navigation and frequently have to meet international standards such as the “IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveys, Special publication No. 44”.

Photogrammetric Surveys

Photogrammetrists utilize data acquired from remotely sensed platforms such as aircraft, drones, satellites and other sensors in the visible and non-visible spectrum to produce survey reports and maps. An “Aerial Survey” means the collecting of information about land or marine topography or resources through the use of airborne vehicles, equipped with recording devices such as cameras, scanners or other recorders utilising any electromagnetic medium. This type of surveying maps large areas where individual surveys via cadastral and engineering means may not be practical.

Geodetic Surveys

Geodesy is the science of accurately measuring and understanding three fundamental properties of Earth: its geometric shape, its orientation in space, and its gravity field, as well as the changes of these properties with time. Geodetic measurements are made using a variety of satellites, ground-based sensors and receivers, laser ranging devices, radio beacons, radio telescopes, and data-integration methods—a set of tools collectively known as the precise geodetic infrastructure. The geodetic infrastructure provides accurate information about fundamental properties of the Earth as they change over time. Geodetic networks enable piecemeal mapping and surveys to be woven into a seamless surface to cover the national and international scale.