Institute of Surveyors

The Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago is the premier organisation representing Quantity Surveyors, Land Surveyors and Valuation Surveyors in Trinidad and Tobago. As the premier body representing surveyors locally, we aim to encourage the highest standards in the profession starting from the earliest academic stages.
The Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago (ISTT) was established as a non-governmental organization in 1996 upon the amalgamation of the Land Survey Association, Quantity Surveyor's Society of Trinidad and Tobago and ProVal (the Association of the Valuation Surveyors). The Institute plays a pivotal role in providing the Minister with responsibility for Lands and Land Surveying advice on several types of nominees that enable the enactment of the Land Surveyors Act 33 of 1996 (Act).

The ISTT membership is comprised of professionals in the fields of Valuation Surveying, Quantity Surveying and Land Surveying. Land Surveying also includes the sub areas of hydrography, engineering, cadastral and land management, photogrammetry, cartography and geodesy.

The ISTT provides for the registration of Full Members, Associate Members, Student Members and Honourary Life Members who are engaged in the various levels in the profession of surveying within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It also serves as the main stakeholder representing local surveying professionals and provides training, dissemination of information to the public and advice to both surveyors and the public.

The institute is run by a Committee of Management, elected from its Full Members on an annual basis.

Looking of a Surveyor?

The public is advised to consult these lists when seeking to hire a Surveyor.

Fawwaz Khan Surveyor
Rudranath K Maharaj Surveyor
Reshma Bhola Surveyor
Kishore Persad Surveyor
Emeris Garraway Howell Surveyor
Bheshem Ramlal Surveyor
Mark Hood Surveyor
Donna Mae Cedeno Surveyor
Edmund Alexander Assoc.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was selected at the last Annual General Meeting on October 11, 2018. They meet on the first (1st) Tuesday of each month to deliberate on the workings of the Institute. The following is the listing of the current selected Board of Directors for the year 2018/ 2019 with business contact information:

President Dr. Sunil Lalloo Land & Valuation Surveyor 336-3245 sunil.lalloo@gmail.com
President Elect Joseph Affoo Quantity Surveyor 292-9111 sjosephaffoo@gmail.com
Immediate Past President Kamal Sant Land Surveyor 685-3747 kjsant@hotmail.com
Vice President Dinelle Ramkoon Land & Valuation Surveyor 466-8446 dinelleramkoon@gmail.com
Secretary Esric Huggins Valuation Surveyor 717-5500 greatmogul3@gmail.com
Treasurer Marlene Agge Valuation Surveyor 299-8999 marleneagge@gmail.com
Public Relations Officer Nigel Ramsey Quantity Surveyor 352-0528 nigel.ramsey5@gmail.com
Assistant Secretary Shiva Kissoon Valuation Surveyor 390-6411 shivakissoon@gmail.com
Assistant Treasurer Winston Doyle Land Surveyor 681-9684 wtbdoyle@yahoo.com
Member Lenny Hanomansingh Land Surveyor 620-4777 lennywh2011@gmail.com
Member Marcia Prince Assam Valuation Surveyor 680-1068 marciaprinceassam@gmail.com
Member Marlon Jackson Quantity Surveyor 387-2828 qsapmcl@yahoo.com
Member Rudranath Maharaj Land Surveyor 784-2875 rudy2811@yahoo.com
Member Michael Samms Quantity Surveyor 678-6116 mikesamms@yahoo.com
Member Nicholas Westmaas Land Surveyor 357-3520 nickwestmaas@hotmail.com
Member Abraham Derry Valuation Surveyor 737-3113 abraham@raymondandpierre.com

As the premier local Institute representing surveyors, the ISTT-

  • Advances the practice of the sciences and technologies of surveying and mapping; valuation and estate management; quantity surveying; town planning, and the development of information systems for the proper management of our land and marine resources
  • Promotes measures calculated to benefit and protect the public, members of the Institute and users of surveying and mapping products and services
  • Supports and protects the character, status and interests of the profession of surveying by defending and enforcing the rights and privileges of Surveyors
  • Encourages and ensures that the profession of Surveying is conducted in an honourable and becoming manner and if necessary, act as an arbiter in disputes
  • Liaises with other regional and international organizations to ensure the highest professional standards and practice

Role of the Institute:

Under the Land Surveyors Act 33 of 1996, the ISTT provides:

  • Four (4) nominees from its members four shall be Land Surveyors nominated by the Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago and of those four at least two shall be Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyors; These nominees are to be considered by the Minister for appointment to the Land Survey Board of Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Comments to the Minister on the nomination of the single member of the public, who is not a surveyor, to the Land Survey Board of Trinidad and Tobago; and
  • Nominees to the Disciplinary Committee of the Land Survey Board of Trinidad and Tobago which consists of six (6) of its members appointed by the Minister after consultation with the Director of Surveys and the Institute of whom-
  1. one shall be an Attorney-at-law of at least ten (10) years standing, who shall be the Chairman;

  2. five shall be Land Surveyors, of whom not fewer than two shall be Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyors nominated by the Institute.