The Institute of Surveyors

of Trinidad and Tobago

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Who should join?
Any person involved in the practice of surveying for a period of at least two years in the particular fields of Geomatic or Quantity or Valuation Surveying in Trinidad and Tobago and possessing the minimum academic training as evidenced by at least a B.Sc. level degree in the chosen field from a recognised Institution.

Benefits of joining the Institute of Surveyors of T&T:
The Institute provides a forum for professionals involved in the fields of geomatic, quantity and valuation surveying to meet and discuss issues relating to the surveying profession. The Institute is frequently approached by Government and other bodies for its views and inputs into major developmental projects and national strategic planning. The institute facilitates professions can be

Types of Membership:
The Articles of the Institute allow for the following:

Full Members,
Associate Members,
Student Members 
and Honorary Life Members.

Full Membership:
Any   person   who   satisfies   the   academic qualifications which may be prescribed from time to time by the Committee of Management and has been actively involved in the  practice  of professional surveying for a minimum of two years is eligible to become a Full Member of the Institute.

Associate Membership:
Any person who satisfies the academic qualifications which may from time to time be prescribed by the Committee of Management is eligible to become an Associate Member of the Institute.

Student Membership:
Any person actively pursuing a course of study leading to an academic qualification acceptable to the Committee of Management is eligible to become a Student Member of the Institute. (Student Members are not entitled to vote at meetings of the Institute).

Honorary Life Membership (HLM):
Any person who is no longer actively involved in the practice of professional surveying and who in the opinion of the Committee of Management has made a valuable contribution to both the profession of surveying and the Institute may be elected by  the  Committee  of Management as an Honorary Life Member. HLM shall not take effect unless and until confirmed at the Annual General Meeting next ensuing the date of such election and provided also that any person so elected shall not be liable for any further subscription and shall not be entitled to voice at meetings of the (Institute) for election to the Committee of Management

The Application for Membership Process:
Recognizing the need to simplify the applications, we have attempted to improve the process by informing you as to what happens and the steps in the process. Furthermore, we have included a Membership Form for you to copy and forward to the Institute mailing address or to forward through a member of the Management Committee

The Membership Process :
Your completed form, with the appropriate entrance fee of $100 and copies of all relevant diplomas / certifications, are forwarded to the Institute. An Admissions Committee meets once each month to review applications.

If your application is correct with all the necessary credentials, it should be passed for acceptance to the Management Committee for approval by the President and Secretary.

You will be notified about your acceptance.

Membership dues for Student Members is $25.00 while membership dues for both Associate and Full members is $750.00 payable annually.

If your application is not complete, you will be notified by the Admissions Committee as to exactly what is required. Your application will be on hold until such time the Committee receives the necessary details from you. Then your application will be reviewed again.