The Institute of Surveyors

of Trinidad and Tobago

The land surveying section, or more appropriately termed the Geomatics Section, is the science and study of spatially related information and is particularly concerned with the collection, manipulation, analysis, and visualization of the natural, social and economic geography of the natural and built environments. 

Areas of Geomatic specialization include:


  • Mapping and positioning
  • Global and local navigation systems
  • Geographic information systems
  • Engineering surveys
  • Land and hydrographic surveying
  • Cadastre, boundaries determination, dispute resolution and expert witness
  • Land administration and reform
  • Cartography
  • Photogrammetry and remote sensing
  • Spatial data and metadata management, interpretation and manipulation
  • Land and marine information management
  • Ocean bed and resource surveys
  • Monitoring of structures






The land surveyors are governed by the Act of Parliament (Number 33 of 1996) and incorporates land surveyors, hydrographic surveyors, engineering surveyors, cadastral and land information management surveyors, photogrammetrists, geodesists and cartographers. 

To date, this is the only section of the Institute to be governed by an Act of Parliament. The Land Survey Board performs duties and functions conferred by this Act or any other written law.

The Act has an associated set of Regulations by which all land surveyors need to abide. One such regulation stipulates that all land surveyors have to be registered with the Land Survey Board in order to practice in Trinidad and Tobago.

The former Land Surveyors Association no longer exists as it was dissolved in 1997. All the assets, paperwork and workings of the LSA have been assimilated into the Institute of Surveyors in general.


The Land Survey Board executes the legality of the Land Surveyors Act 1996. The Board comprises of the Director of Surveys and seven (7) members appointed by the Minister: Four (4) of these members are nominated by the ISTT and of those four (4) at least tow (2) are to be Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyors (TTLS). The composition of the LSB, as of May 1, 2014 is a follows:

  1. Chairman - Mr Nasser Abdul, Director of Lands and Surveys Division
  2. Member - Mr. Paul Williams 
  3. Member - Mr. Fitzherbert Reyes 
  4. Member - Ms. Camille Fortune-Rollock
  5. Member - Dr Charisse Griffith-Charles
  6. Member - Mr Sasha Addo
  7. Member - 
  8. Member - 

The Registrar Secretary, whose role is to process applications for Registration, administers the Land Survey Act 1996 and the Land Survey Regulations. Copies of the Act and the Regulations can be downloaded from this web site. The Registrar Secretary is located at the Lands and Surveys Division, Kings Court, on upper Frederick Street in Port of Spain. (Contact Tel.  623-8247).

The five (of six) members to the L.S.B. Disciplinary Committee were also nominated by the Institute at the October 2003 AGM. These Committee members will sit for the next three years.

  1. Chairman – A Lawyer
  2. Mr. Winston Ramcharan, Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyor (TTLS)
  3. Mr. Ganesdath Ramcharitar, Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyor (TTLS)
  4. Mr. Richard Cattermole, Registered Land Surveyors (RLS)
  5. Mr. Trevor Koylass, Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyor (TTLS)
  6. Mr. Winston Doyle, Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyor (TTLS)


(The Land Survey Board is NOT part of the Institute of Surveyors)

The Registrar Secretary administers the Registration of Land Surveyors in Trinidad and Tobago.

Each year before the end of November, all land surveyors* must register themselves with The Land Survey Board for the following year.

The application forms are listed in the back section of the Land Surveyors Regulations and along with your application, you must submit the correct fees and show proof of professional indemnity insurance for the same following year period.

Furthermore, each application must be accompanied with a cheque for $250 as a personal payment into the Surveyors Compensation Fund.

Once your application is approved you will be issued your registration stamp, valid for one year, after which time you must apply for a registration renewal.

Annual application fees for Registration

  • First time of applying                    $500.00
  • Renewal                                     $300.00
  • Company                                    $100.00
  • Surveyors Compensation Fund        $250.00

* "Land Surveyors" is a generic term for the following:

land surveyors, hydrographic surveyors, engineering surveyors, cadastral and land information management surveyors, photogrammetrists, geodesists and cartographers.