The Institute of Surveyors

of Trinidad and Tobago

What are the dues for Full and Associate members?

Both Full and Associate members are required to pay membership dues of $750.00 per year. The dues should be paid at the start of the year (January 1st) but there is a grace period up to June. If a member annual dues remain unpaid at the 1st of July, such member's name shall be struck off the list of members.


Why use a Registered (Land) Surveyor ?

According to Trinidad and Tobago law, (The Land Surveyors Act No. 33 of 1996), the Act “provides for the registration of land surveyors for the regulation of the practice of surveying and for other connected matters.”

Only cadastral surveys made by Registered Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyors are legal.

Only registered land surveyors have completed the academic requirements, practical training and experience required for registration with the Land Survey Board.

Registered surveyors are required to maintain the necessary theoretical, practical and ethical standards set by the Act.

Only registered land surveyors are issued with a seal to be used the in certification of plans, drawings, reports and documents.

Registered surveyors are required to have in place Professional Indemnity Insurance and are required to pay into the Land Survey Board’s Compensation Fund.

Complaints against a registered surveyor are brought before the Land Surveyors Disciplinary Committee for the purpose of hearing and determining same.

Registered surveyors are governed by the Land Surveyors Regulations of 1998 which were made by the Land Survey Board under Section 64 of the Land Surveyors Act of 1996.


Why use a Registered (Surveying) Partnership, Association or Corporation ?

According to Trinidad and Tobago law, (The Land Surveyors Act No. 33 of 1996), the Act provides for the registration of a Partnership, Association or Corporation where registered land surveyors who form part of same, will be in charge of surveying on its behalf.

Only a registered Partnership, Association or Corporation will be issued a certificate of authorization issued by the Land Survey Board, authorizing the holder to engage in the practice of surveying.